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Psychedelic Yogurts

24 Apr

The relation between psychedelic aesthetics and capitalism is one that still needs to be elaborated upon, and those who wish to explore it are welcome to explore “Psychedelic Commericals” category here on the site which features a selection of psychedelic commercials.

The “Shtusim” Yoghurt series has already been featured here on the site, as a prime example for an extremely psychedelic video. The new video from the “Shtusim” Yoghurt series, has the same vibe of psychedelic children in a la la land.


13 May

This Israeli commercial for yogurt really blew my head off, maybe because I was in the right state of consciousness when I first saw it.
Highly commercialized, highly silly and definitely highly psychedelic. Of course, don’t miss the Amanita Muscaria mushroom shaped house which the kid drives by on his lovely yogurt train.

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