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Purple Boys – Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies

30 Sep

I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted on here before! This originally popped up as a youtube ad while I was watching some adult swim. It has quickly become a favorite and I watch it all the time now.

The Essence Of Sound [by Susi Sie]

22 Aug

A psychedelic commercial for a specialized sound system manufacturing company.

“Joust” – Atari Video Game Commcercial

23 Jan

1982 Commercial for the video game “Joust” for Atari 2600 & 5200

I don’t even know whats happening in this commercial but i love it regardless. Commercials back then were so much better i find, as most of them were just pure nonsense. Now a days commercials are so simplistic and/or generic it kills me; metaphorically.

1970s Space Dust Candy Commercial

30 May


15 Mar

It’s interesting to see how mind expansion is used in commercials. Look for the jacket pusher next to your house…

The motion graphics and design is by BEMO who also did the visuals on the Eskmo video I published a while back

Lan Dan Deeee!

25 Sep

I came across a whole series of videos from japan, made from a 10 seconds footage of Roland McDonald shouting something in Japanese, That are applied over and over again with different video effects. It’s unexplainable, twisted and repetitive, like some experiences from drugs I don’t really want to do again.  Roland McDonald is a disturbing figure to start with, the ecstatic smiley that represents the corporate giant playing with our mind. The Japanese videos in this post, and many others linked to them, are taking to extreme the overwhelming commercial trip that is the urban and the virtual world around us.


13 May

This Israeli commercial for yogurt really blew my head off, maybe because I was in the right state of consciousness when I first saw it.
Highly commercialized, highly silly and definitely highly psychedelic. Of course, don’t miss the Amanita Muscaria mushroom shaped house which the kid drives by on his lovely yogurt train.

7UP psychedelic commercial

9 May

Back in the days when drinking a soda was psychedelic.

McDonalds psychedelic commercial

30 Apr

Psychedelic motives and melodious hamburgers in this McDonalds commercial form the late 1960’s. A prime example for the adaptation of psychedelic aesthetics and themes in late sixties mainstream culture. Psychedelics gone carnivorous and highly commercialized.

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