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PsychoDelia Steam Greenlight Trailer (Psychedelic Adventure Video Game)

5 Nov

The game is still under development and not yet released.

The Essence Of Sound [by Susi Sie]

22 Aug

A psychedelic commercial for a specialized sound system manufacturing company.

Soul Gathering 2017 promotional videos by Kunyala and Lokomotion Drop

25 Jun

Event teaser:

Aftermovie teaser:

Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary animation by Jake Fried

20 Feb

HD commissioned Jake to create them a celebratory animation with his trusty ink and white-out.


6 Feb

Created by New Media Ltd for PHELAN, a women’s clothing label.

Audi A5 – Pure imagination (Director’s Cut)

27 Dec

An awesomely psychedelic Audi commercial.

The Real Thing – 1960s psychedelic commercials mixed with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

29 Sep

Those 1960s commercials were quite psychedelic here’s an apt and awesome mix of these 1960s psychedelic commercials with some cool music from DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.

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