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The Real Thing – 1960s psychedelic commercials mixed with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

Those 1960s commercials were quite psychedelic here’s an apt and awesome mix of these 1960s psychedelic commercials with some cool music from DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.

Psychedelic Commercials

Levi’s commercials from the 1970s

Trippy polyester jeans commercials with voice-overs from Ken Nordine, who we have featured previously:

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Aesthetic Vibes | Future Funk / Vaporwave Mixtape

Recently, I’ve become aware of the existence of Vaporware, an interesting genre from the early 2010s which meshes together some cheesy and  dreamy 1980s and 1990s sounds and aesthetics in some often pretty weird ways. Watching a couple of these vaporware videos can really get you dizzy. Is vaporware psychedelic? I’m not sure, but I think there’s definitely something interestingly surrreal going on there. What do you think?