Not Knot – The Mathematics of Knots, Links and the Space around them

21 Nov

When you experience that the actual world you see is only one way of seeing the world, you start perceiving worlds of possibilities amidst the actual. This is a kindred appeal in psychedelic practices, philosophy and modern mathematics etc.

Expand your mind, expand your actual possibilities.

(lots of thanks to Arjan Dhupia again for providing this link)

One Response to “Not Knot – The Mathematics of Knots, Links and the Space around them”

  1. Keefer December 16, 2010 at 5:14 am #

    Ummmm. Ok? Really interesting video. I was familiar with the cone illustration and was able to relate it with my own theories with non-euclidean perceptions of space and line, but I got lost with the whole infinite hyperbolic space rhombic dodecahedron. Call me a skeptical scientist, but I wish the video made a thesis or a point beyond “this is a really trippy perspective.” What are the implications of this? Where can I find more information on this knot theory? Is this just freaky-deaky psychedelic theoretical math or are there applications????

    I will admit that it was cool looking, but I feel like the movie was unresolved or unclear.

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