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Times Tables, Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics – Mathologer

21 Aug

Knot Mandala

15 Jul


Made with the KnotPlot software.

Amiga Demo and the size of space

16 Jan

The Amiga 500 was my very first computer system. It used DD floppy disks with 880 kb storage space. On those less than 1 mb disks you had games like elite and frontier: elite II that allowed almost limitless exploration of a virtual space literally bursting with solar systems.

But with the copies of those games came something else that challenged the notion of space maybe even more. The teams that “cracked” the copy-protection of those games often attached so-called demos to the code that was run from the disks. So before the game would load you would see – just like a little intro – demonstrations of crazy coding skills in the form of often mind-blowing animation, flickering images and pulsing color.

Those demos were at a most a few kb of code generating ever-changing images in real-time. Usually what you saw was far beyond the things you thought were possible within the technical limitations of your system. Typically some more or less abstract and alien imagery was rotating in front of your eyes, bursting into millions of colorful pieces, turning itself inside out into something totally different, dancing in fluid animation or travelling into impossible depth of space.

Somehow the dense economy of the code resulted in aesthetics and images not unlike the things you see under the influence of psychedelic substances (of course psychedelic substances were not unknown among the members of the demo scene). So, what does math and geometry have to do with psychedelic aesthetics?

Not Knot – The Mathematics of Knots, Links and the Space around them

21 Nov

When you experience that the actual world you see is only one way of seeing the world, you start perceiving worlds of possibilities amidst the actual. This is a kindred appeal in psychedelic practices, philosophy and modern mathematics etc.

Expand your mind, expand your actual possibilities.

(lots of thanks to Arjan Dhupia again for providing this link)

The thumb print of god

21 Oct

As this turns to be a week in memory of Benoît B. Mandelbrot on the DPV, I decided to post this video about fractals. Fractals are not just beautiful colorful shapes, but a way of thinking. The fractalic aesthetic has a message: You can zoom in or zoom out but everything is exactly the same. The world is fractalic, Feelings are fractalic, space is fractalic. The first time I looked at the sky and saw fractals I felt like I was discovering the operating system of my mind and the universe.

Notice that the begining of the video shows the video feedback effect that is used in many of the art work that is uploaded to this site by Samas. If you got a video camera at home it’s something worth experimenting with, it’s a lot of fun!


Did you ever wonder how your computers dream would look like?

well the Electric Sheep Project will show you exactly what they look like, check it out!

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