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Collectif Triangle – Feel

9 Apr

Language of the Gods – AI Data Paintings

6 Apr

Created by Ouchhh.

Egyptian hieroglyphs were fed into a generative adversarial network (GAN) and this is what it dreamt up.

DATA GATE – World’s First NASA AI Astronomical Research Data Sculpture

23 Mar

Created by Ouchhh.

The installation consists of 3 parts; Form, Light and Space. Light is world’s first artwork based upon the idea of utilization of Machine Learning in the context of space discovery and astronomical research through NASA’s Kepler Data Sets.

SAY_SUPERSTRINGS – A Real-Time Generative Installation Performance Of Electrical Activity In The Musician’s Brain!

9 Mar

Created by Ouchhh.

Artificial Nightmares: The Sirens’ Song || Clip Guided Diffusion AI Art Video [4K 24 FPS]

22 Oct

Cosey Fanni Tutti – Psychedelic Projections

2 Oct

Dream Sequence feat. Reza Hasni – Currents FM x Leisure System

4 Sep

AI generated DMT entities

5 Aug

First steps into the future!

Example of differences in hallucinations experienced during various altered states of consciousness (Symmetric Vision)

1 Aug

Sam Rudd-Jones – New Peaks

14 May

Impressionist psychedelic visuals courtesy of Sam Rudd-Jones.

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