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Artificial Nightmares: The Sirens’ Song || Clip Guided Diffusion AI Art Video [4K 24 FPS]

22 Oct

Cosey Fanni Tutti – Psychedelic Projections

2 Oct

Dream Sequence feat. Reza Hasni – Currents FM x Leisure System

4 Sep

AI generated DMT entities

5 Aug

First steps into the future!

Example of differences in hallucinations experienced during various altered states of consciousness (Symmetric Vision)

1 Aug

Sam Rudd-Jones – New Peaks

14 May

Impressionist psychedelic visuals courtesy of Sam Rudd-Jones.

Masterdamus visuals @ UNITY Trilogy PURIM Israel 2017

26 Apr

Visuals by VJ Masterdamus.

BLISS Mix | Off the Air Fanmade

11 Mar

Here’s a fun little compilation I assembled with a plethora of beautiful, trippy videos from a variety of amazing creators.

Savej x Liquid Bloom – Cielo Aya {TAS Visuals}

25 Feb

Rodrigo Perez Estrada goes hyper-psychedelic

15 Jan

The videos by Rodrigo Perez Estrada are among the most psychedelic you’ll find anywhere on the web

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