Broadcast- Papercuts

22 Jan

I used to love this band so much! long stoned afternoons of a Jerusalem summer listening to Broadcast, but that hadn’t happened for a couple of years now. Sadly, I started looking for their videos only this week, when I heard about the untimely death of Trish Keenan, their lead singer.  The hypnotic object spinning in this video is a dream machine, that 7eit posted about here. So beautiful.



2 Responses to “Broadcast- Papercuts”


  1. Broadcast and the Focus Group « The Daily Psychedelic Video - July 24, 2011

    […] vexyvex has posted Broadcasts beautiful papercuts clip on this site a while ago. Here are some of the clips from their collaboration with Julian House. They are alive with a playful and childlike psychedelic spirit mixed with lots of occult symbols and imagery. […]

  2. Space Siren and Sleepy Sweet by Pram « The Daily Psychedelic Video - July 31, 2011

    […] you did like the Broadcast clips here and here, you might enjoy Pram’s weirdness as well. Check it […]

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