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Mr. Bill – Phantasmagoria

11 Dec

Jhené Aiko – Tryna Smoke (Official Video)

22 Apr

Very much a weed song (as the title would suggest) but with a video featuring a decent share of psychedelic kaleidscope visuals.

Lavender Worm – Lasagne Rhythm

28 Aug


Man Of No Ego – Web Of Life Full Album ft. Alan Watts

16 Mar

Alice in Pepperland

2 Jan

One of  Disney’s weirdest  films, an a adaption to the surreal classic “Alice in Wonderland”, was set to the Beatles’ psychedelic music . I love the result.

Blackbird Blackbird – Pure

9 Dec

This video evokes altered-state imagery that will be familiar to many viewers. The black grid lines, jewel-like colors, and hints of embarkation, observation, and approach are especially redolent. The patterns integrate into the subject matter to create a formscape reminiscent of hyperspatial modalities. The visual rhythm is cohesive and masterfully executed to compliment the Blackbird Blackbird song Pure.

The Microcosm is the Macrocosm

2 Dec

This Yeasayer video goes seasonally psychedelic as it follows a cycle of birth and rebirth in our spiral galaxy.


11 Nov

Panaframe has an excellent Vimeo page, with several lively music videos of shimmering vistas to activate all the right endorphins. Here are two to get you started:

For those of us in the northern hemisphere who wish it was still summer, an iridescent tropical daydream for “In the Water” by Beat Connection.

And in this video, prismatic visuals highlight the ethereal sounds of “Upperground Stories” by Plastic Flowers.

Gang Gang Dance – ‘MindKilla’

7 May

I never really connected to Trance music, no matter how much psychedelics I did. So I am exited to present this trippy dance band: Gang Gang Dance, their album is soon to be released

Broadcast- Papercuts

22 Jan

I used to love this band so much! long stoned afternoons of a Jerusalem summer listening to Broadcast, but that hadn’t happened for a couple of years now. Sadly, I started looking for their videos only this week, when I heard about the untimely death of Trish Keenan, their lead singer.  The hypnotic object spinning in this video is a dream machine, that 7eit posted about here. So beautiful.



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