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The Path – The Fraktopus

3 Jun

Some semi-recent animation from Renard Frak

The Language of Dreams

30 May

Video by Wheeler Winston Dixon

David Terranova – Kinq

23 May

Irrevocable Joy (video by noartfound)

2 May

music: hybrid – Flashpoint Tutara Remix

Ibeyi – Lavender and Red Roses feat. Jorja Smith (Official Music Video)

9 Apr

Androcell – Root of Pharmacology

8 Apr

Mushroom visualization

Fadeaway 9 – Five Minute Fadeaways (Nora Barton)

4 Apr

Number 9 in an ongoing series of meditative cello videos from Nora Barton, aka Planchette. Video by Flex Your Love Muscles studio.

Full playlist here:

Awaken Transform II (Martin Stebbing)

21 Mar

More video inspiration from DPV favorite Martin Stebbing.

Ofir Klemperer- Little Tal 2 טל הקטן (Little Tal Overcame Cancer)

7 Mar

The Nervehood Revised

12 Feb

A video inspired by “The Neverhood” PC game, based on an audio track by Nir Mazor.

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