contemplative psychedelia, Psychedelic Art, Psychedelic Visuals

Contemplation Compilation 1 – DayDreemer

A psychedelic video compilation perfect for when you wanna watch a lot of videos but dont want to keep changing the video.

contemplative psychedelia, Psychedelic Music Clips, psychedelic nature, Psychedelic Video Art, Psychedelic Visuals, trippy

Recurring Dream (Electric Catnip)

Part of an ongoing series of original music/video, for more see:

contemplative psychedelia, Home Made Psychedelia, psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Visuals

The Me Bird (18bis)

The Me Bird from 18bis on Vimeo.

Stunning animated paper cut outs are used to visualize a Pablo Neruda poem by the same name.

contemplative psychedelia, fractals, Psychedelic Music Clips, Psychedelic Visuals, Pyschedelic Visualisations

Why? – The Barely Blur (dir. Scott Fredette)

Beautifully shot scenes of random and raw humanity dissolve into celestial flame fractals in a slow burn song from indie cult heroes Why?, who have collaborated with this director on several videos.