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Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery music video

26 Jan

By: Julia Wagner.


James Hood – Tapestry

11 Dec

Animated and Directed by Howard Matthews.
Produced by Jon Cotton for Poseidon.
Original Artwork: Tatiana Plakhova

Devon – Grimes (fan video by Tatiana Plakhova)

3 Dec

Rick Jacobi art (animated by Steve Haman)

19 Nov

Projection mapping master Steve Haman bringing even MORE life to the incredible art of Rick Jacobi.

Electric Catnip Halloween Special

29 Oct

A dying cat takes a hero’s journey in search of his tenth life!!

Talos – D.O.A.M. Part III (directed by Kevin McGloughlin)

15 Oct

Contemplation Compilation 1 – DayDreemer

15 Sep

A psychedelic video compilation perfect for when you wanna watch a lot of videos but dont want to keep changing the video.

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