Off The Air: Dance (S01E03)

10 Aug

Aired in 2011.

List of videos in this episode:
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives
Involuntaries 4 by Foofwa d’Imobilité, Vea Lucca, and Alan Sondheim
“Buchstabe” music video by Knorkator; title sequence by Mark Phillips
Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John by Mitchell Rose and BodyVox, score by William Goodrum
“Protective Cover (The Condom Song)” music video by Nrityanjali Academy
Indian Dancing Prank by Christian von Nathusius
Angry Industrial Dancer in Little Saigon by Duy Huu Luu, a.k.a. Tank Nine
“Tush It” music video by Liam Lynch
“Vessel (Four Tet Remix)” music video by Bison
Peacock Spider by Jurgen Otto
Robots Dancing by Jean-Charles Bazin and Young Cheol Lee

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