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Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror”

27 Feb

Music video for “Black Mirror” by Canadian alternative band Arcade Fire off the album “Neon Bible” I guess you could say that Father has brought you all down his bible to read for this Monday.

Arcade fire is an amazing alternative band, i would highly recommend giving them the old listen. Either there first album “Funeral” or there second “Neon Bible” is a good album to start on for them, “Funeral” if you like more folky psychedelic music, or “Neon Bible” if you like more dark alternative type psychedelic music.

On a side note, whenever i listen to this song or see it in my music i always remember the British anthology series “Black Mirror”, which is now on Netflix as an original series. I wont spoil much but its a psychological anthology series very reminiscent of “The Twilight zone” only instead of being in a warped reality of the 7th dimension, its in the very near future of ours. If you want to watch a really well crafted and good thinking show, then this is for you.

Off The Air: Dance (S01E03)

10 Aug

Aired in 2011.

List of videos in this episode:
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives
Involuntaries 4 by Foofwa d’Imobilité, Vea Lucca, and Alan Sondheim
“Buchstabe” music video by Knorkator; title sequence by Mark Phillips
Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John by Mitchell Rose and BodyVox, score by William Goodrum
“Protective Cover (The Condom Song)” music video by Nrityanjali Academy
Indian Dancing Prank by Christian von Nathusius
Angry Industrial Dancer in Little Saigon by Duy Huu Luu, a.k.a. Tank Nine
“Tush It” music video by Liam Lynch
“Vessel (Four Tet Remix)” music video by Bison
Peacock Spider by Jurgen Otto
Robots Dancing by Jean-Charles Bazin and Young Cheol Lee

Off The Air: Food (S01E02)

3 Aug

Aired in 2011 like the first episode.

List of videos in this episode:
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives
Think Globally, Act Locally by William Lamson
Title sequence by Dax Norman
Digestive system animation by Flix Productions Medical Animation
The Huber Experiments – Vol. 1 by Erik Huber and Matthew Huber
Unabomber Speckles drawing provided by R. Land
Western Spaghetti by PES
“We Want Your Soul” music video by Happy
Something by Cyriak Harris
Ecological Apple by Andreas Soderberg
Oyster Vision by Coral Morphologic
Automato by Bill Feinup and Barry Kudrowitz

Off The Air: Animals (S01E01)

27 Jul

Off The Air is a psychedelic anthology series on Adult Swim. Much of the content is produced specifically for the show, but it also features music videos. I will be giving the show a Wednesday slot here at DPV 🙂

List of videos in this episode:
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives
El hombre y la Tierra footage provided by RTVE
“Zodiac Shit” music video by Adam Fuchs
Cows and Zebras by Taras Hrabowsky
Meow Mix by Cyriak Harris
Triple Jump footage provided by Tugboat and the East Japan Railway Company
“The Music Scene” music video by Anthony F. Shepperd
Cheese rolling video by SoGlos; 3D closing credits by Adam Bruneau

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