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“The Gate” by Björk


2 thoughts on ““The Gate” by Björk”

  1. A few simple physical objects for a wacky visual ….

    1.diffraction grating film, (a pair of diffraction grating rainbow glasses)
    2. electroplasma lamp,
    3. crystal kaleidoscopic prism scope
    4. magnifying glass sheet
    5. mirrors or holographic paper or board
    6. vortex glitter lamp or lava lamp
    7. faceted glass objects, prisms, or ecen a clear water bottle…

    One doesn’t need to have all of these objects. Even looking through a crystal kaleidoscopic prism scope while wearing a pair of diffraction grating glasses can amused one for hours visually… basically just a single funky object to look through as a lens and some type of funky light (lava lamp, strobe light, electroplasma lamp or even Xmas lights) can
    provide tons of amusement…

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