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“The Gate” by Björk

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“The Gate”- music video for Bjork directed by Andy Huang

Andy Huang and Bjork team up with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele for an absolutely gorgeous and magical film.

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OFFICIAL Bjӧrk – Mutual Core


Thomas Huang who was featured on the DPV with his unique psychedelic video style before,  has created a new video for Bjork.

I really look forward to see more works  by Thomas Huang. I personally think his first video was better, and hope that he will focus on more artistic projects like the first one… but anyhow his style is amazing!

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While I was discussing with a friend recently, I realized that dreams are a gate to real psychedelism,

one of the doors of perception, allowing our mind to create boundless landscapes, fractalistic cosmic inner worlds,

where you can listen how it’s smells good, stroke the colors and obviously taste your intuition…


Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

WINNER at SLAMDANCE 2012 of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short

Original Soundtrack:

Cast Featuring: Mary Elise Hayden, Marissa Merrill & Dustin Edward

Executive Producers: David Lyons & Andrew Huang
Producers: Laura Merians & Stephanie Marshall
Cinematographer: Laura Merians
Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler
Costume Designer: Lindsey Mortensen
Hair & Makeup Designer: Jennifer Cunningham
Sound Design & Original Score: Andrew Huang

A Moo Studios & Future You Production

Copyright 2012 Andrew Huang All Rights Reserved.