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Björk – Ovule

18 Sep

ANIMA!: Toughest Man

15 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

23 Jul

The hilarious mushroom-hype song by Mind Medicine Australia that became an instant classic while generating massive amount of criticism for its cheesy reckless portrayal of psychedelic healing.

Sound of Ceres feat. Marina Abramović – The Fawn

10 Jul

Chelsea Jade – Optimist

15 May

Labrinth – No Ordinary (Official Video)

19 Feb

Animal Collective – Strung With Everything

30 Jan

Beach House – Once Twice Melody

12 Dec

Scatmans World (Official Video) HD -Scatman John

4 Dec

Noa Kirel & Ilan Peled – Trilili Tralala (Prod by K-Kov)

6 Nov

Israeli singer Noa Kirel in an hilarious video with hyper-psychedelic visuals.

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