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Kali Mutsa – Cancion de Amor Colla

25 Nov

Yo tambien quiero ir al “camino caramelo”!


“Não Espero Mais” by O Terno

29 Oct

It takes a while until the video for O Terno’s “Não Espero Mais” reveals its psychedelic nature. But when it does, it demonstrates how trippy our daily use of modern communication media has become.

“A Forest” by The Cure

22 Oct

“The Gate” by Björk

8 Oct

Kali Mutsa – Tunupa

30 Sep

Chilean-French group Kali Mutsa bring the Santiago floresta groove.

Sunbeam Sound Machine – “Daibutsu”

18 Sep

An unofficial music video created by Cosmic Drop for Australian pop band, Sunbeam Sound Machine’s song “Daibustu”, which brings us a feel good pop tune to help bring up your moods.

If your into Psychedelic Pop/Rock then i would recommend giving these guys a listen, more specifically with there first album “Wonderer”

“Mixed Bizness” by Beck

17 Sep

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