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“Arrow Through Me” by Paul McCartney

13 Jan

(Many thanks to Felix for suggesting the video)

John Lennon’s First Acid Trip

27 Dec

John Lennon’s description of his first LSD trip turned into an animation. You can read the longer story in a Rolling Stone article.

And in the end – a projection-mapped visualization of The Beatles’ Abbey Road Medley

18 Oct

Installation by Forrest Grenfell.

“Lucy in the Sky with Dimonds” by the Flaming Lips feat. Miley Cyrus and Moby

15 Feb

No, I did not make this up. It’s real, even more than real maybe…

The Beatles First Acid Trip

14 Feb

Ever wondered what the Beatles did during their first acid trip. well here it  is:

The Beatles – Only A Northern Song

28 Apr

We’ve had a 2 videos from the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Beatles on Wednesday’s list of “Top 50 psychedelic videos of all time“, both in the top 5, which made me think of the film.

The years have passed and only a northern song remains one of my favorite songs ever. With the 1968 “Yellow Submarine” animations it is one of it’s kind.

Alice in Pepperland

2 Jan

One of  Disney’s weirdest  films, an a adaption to the surreal classic “Alice in Wonderland”, was set to the Beatles’ psychedelic music . I love the result.

It’s All Too Much

25 Jul

A colorful and imaginative clip for the Beatles’ psychedelic song, It’s All Too Much. Have fun in Pepperland :^)

Tomorrow Never Knows

13 Jun

Hi there. This is my first post as a new contributor and I’m glad to meet you!

This is a very cool home made music clip for this amazing psychedelic song by the Beatles. The music is very trippy while the lyrics are some of the deepest I’ve known.

There is nothing like a bored bunch of teenagers to make for an exciting video clip. However it is open to decide if this particular one is subversive, or to be more exact – what it subverts: mainstream culture, or psychedelic culture. This clip mixes psychedelic imagery from suburbia with long scenes of eating a burger in McDonalds. It is hard to realize what its supposed to mean or of it even is supposed to mean something, but it smells like teen spirit, and I like it!

So enjoy!


The Egg Man

21 Apr

If you have been to the beatles ashram in Rishikesh, you’ve probably saw all the egg-like meditation rooms. If you haven’t been there… than you must go there 🙂

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