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TWIN PEAKS 2017 – The atomic bomb (July 16, 1945)

13 May

David Lynch takes us to the heart of the mushroom (cloud) in a way only David Lynch can. Masterful.

Trippin Jaguar – Road to Cartesia (Lucas Guzman)

3 May

The Gate to a Deep Dream – DDG Generator

29 Apr

Spooky-J & Ekhe – Passinho Gringo Foda (dir. Hugo Inglez)

26 Apr

Anetha – Free Britney (Mama Told Ya)

19 Apr

Cujo Moon- Watch You Shine (Ryan Usher animation)

12 Apr

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) – Miles vs. Kingpin Scene

8 Apr


3 Apr

The Star Trek crew – on acid!

Braktoid & the Communist – Shapeshifting

29 Mar

Tame Impala – Nangs (Music Video)

27 Mar
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