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Guided By Voices – Cigarette Tricks

Fan video for one of the greatest short rock songs of all time, by the masters of the brief and befuddling, Guided By Voices. May need to be viewed 20 times in a row for full effect.

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Active Child – I’m in your Church at Night (dir: Petro Papahadjopoulos)

You sure you’re BAKED enough to fully comprehend this, one of the best music videos of all time??

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Mucca Pazza – Barbarous Relic (dir. Matthew Shelton)

Chicago’s long-beloved punk rock marching band Mucca Pazza gets the Flex Your Love Muscles treatment for this moody and wild original composition.


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When Black Birds Fly (Trailer) – Jimmy ScreamerClauz

Trailer for the full-length psychedelic horror film by Jimmy ScreamerClauz.  The trailer alone is an endurance test, to say nothing of the insanity that may be induced by watching the entire film!  Proceed with extreme trepidation, disturbing content warning!