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Collective Memory (ETERNITY) (Andreas Maschke)

18 Nov
Recent video from the creator of JWildfire (Flame Fractal software)

LSD – Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

16 Nov

Heazza – Occupied (dir: Rachel Winslow)

11 Nov

Old fashioned kaleidoscope techniques from analog photography master Rachel Winslow (Refracted Spectrals)


7 Nov

Daniel Bonespur – Squawks of Hate

4 Nov

Trippy hippos, surrealist existential dread, and giddy release from Minneapolis. Video by Matthew Shelton.

Acid Waves Soundscaped [by Liquid Vibes]

31 Oct

Steven Haman x Incedigris Animation

28 Oct

Steven Haman x Incedigris Animation

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