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Woongi – Not Sad Sequence (video by Alex Jensen)

13 May

Ofir Klemperer – Crater’s Eye

6 May

Israel-born, US-based contemporary composer/improvisor Ofir Klemperer. More info: (Video: Matthew Shelton)

Seder-Masochism full feature (Passover)

4 May

Reconnection (Salmonick Atelier)

1 May

Alex Banks – ‘Chasms’ (dir: Morgan Beringer)

22 Apr

Morgan Beringer’s latest breathtaking masterwork! MB is no stranger around this site, and has been working on personal projects at an amazing pace. He just started a Patreon that is very modest, and worth your support if you can.


18 Apr

Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen – Psychedelic Hollowin Candy Cake

17 Apr
Not sure if I really want it or should I be disgusted 😉 Anyways the trippiness is definitely here
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