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Erodium Thunk (Winston Hacking)

22 Jun

Erodium Thunk from Winston Hacking on Vimeo.

Igorrr – Very Noise (video: MeatDept.)

3 Feb

Piotr Kamler – Une Mission Ephemere 1993

25 Jul

“Kamler’s animated cinema suggests a singular variety of science fiction. Completely unalike to more conventionally linear and text-based narratives, Kamler’s films instead explore a series of dynamic visual motifs. Typically, the conclusion of these films is less suggestive of resolution, than it is of recurring episode.”

Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947 Experimental Film)

21 Jan

Ad writes:Here’s a cool full length movie created by some great classic surrealists (including Ernst and Duchamp). It’s called Dreams that Money Can Buy. I’ve been watching it with my cat, who also seems to be enjoying it.

More info on wikipedia:

Thank you Ad!

Surrealistic compilation

26 Dec




Art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, expressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc.

The art movement of surrealism was a great influence on the psychedelia of the 60’s. The hallucinatory nature of the ideas that the surrealists fished from their unconscious, was embraced by the psychedelic movement and adapted for their creations. Well-known psych-rock songs of the era, such as “White Rabbit” and “I am the Walrus“, were heavily influenced by surrealism.

The surrealists became aware of the connection between their approach and the psychedelic experience. Salvador Dali himself was quoted  saying in an interview (in response to the question, does he take drugs to make his artwork) “I don’t do drugs; I am drugs.”


[suh-m-uh- ree-uh liz]


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Eat Your Mind

8 Nov

This colorful trip was created by Argentinian artists Matias Vigliano and Dante Zaballa.
I recommend looking into to Vigliano‘s website, to see his beautiful illustrations.


CapeNape & The Foundation – Countless Ways

21 Sep

Directed by Tero Suomela, this won the 2010 Spring New York International Independent Film and Video Festival award for the best music video.

Felix the Cat – Dines and Pines (1926)

14 Sep

Felix the Cat has a crazy little trip after going to sleep with a full belly. The video is cued to start near the trip sequence, so if you want to see the whole cartoon, skip to the beginning.

The Tale of How (2006) by The Blackheart Gang

31 Aug

The Blackheart Gang are a South African trio of artists. They are professionals earning their living making TV commercials, but in their free time they work on art projects of their own. Daily Psychedelic Video has already featured a Friskies commercial designed by the visual artists of the Gang.

The Vimeo channel has a making-of and many other impressive clips and commercials.

15 Aug

This video, directed by Mark Romanek for Madonna in 1995, is a homage to artists and mystics who explored the subconsciousness. it starts with Madonna, as some experimental or therapeutic subject, turns into some dream like state, the word “Lucid” appears on one of the screens. From a sterile, bright and high-tech-ish setting the video turns darker, more organic and mysterious. the visual vocabulary of this video contains quotations of three woman surrealist painters, here are some references:

Dorothea Tanning: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1943

Remedios Varo: Los Amantes, 1955

Remedios Varo: Remenance

Leonora Carrington

Leonor Fini: The ends of the earth, 1949

Alongside these, this clip pays tribute to two films. first is the brilliant Armenian director Sergei Parajanov, and his beautiful, surrealistic film from 1968 “The Color of Pomegranates

The second, is the philosophic and psychedelic film “Stalker“, By Andrei Tarkovsky:

I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of the rotating cube. it reminds me a bit of the idea of the cube of space – a model that represents human consciousness in various mystic and psychological theories.

the cube of space

Or the Metatron cube, that relates to sacred geometry:

From the feminine surrealism of the mother and witch archetype to the Whirling Dervishes, this clip is  all about altered states of consciousness and the search  for the divine. what was once in the realm of religious and mystic practice, later became the role of artists and poets, and now, say Madonna and Romanek, is present in pop culture, for millions of people to get a glimpse at.

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