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Three Caballeros – Finale

26 Mar

If you went tripping back in the 1940s, the finale for three caballeros would probably have been the most psychedelic video around…

The Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat – Busby Berkeley

19 Mar

Some 1940s Caribbean psychedelia for you. Courtesy of Busby Berkeley.

(Link: Leor. Thanks!)

Spook Sport (1940)- Mary Ellen Bute

24 Oct

In the spirit of Halloween, this week’s post features spooks, ghosts and bats in Mary Ellen Bute’s¬†experimental animated film from 1940. Mary Ellen Bute was a groundbreaking filmmaker in her own right, but her gender makes her contributions to early experimental cinema all the more powerful.¬†Unfortunately,¬†the you tube upload incorrectly labels Norman MacLaren as the director (the fabulous Mac Laren was indeed an animator on the film, but direction was all Ms. Bute’s). Just look at how awesome she was!


Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947 Experimental Film)

21 Jan

Ad writes:Here’s a cool full length movie created by some great classic surrealists (including Ernst and Duchamp). It’s called Dreams that Money Can Buy. I’ve been watching it with my cat, who also seems to be enjoying it.

More info on wikipedia:

Thank you Ad!

Norman McLaren – Begone Dull Care 1949

12 Jan

Norman McLaren was an oscar winning animation director who did some groundbreaking work from the 1940s to the 1970s. McLaren “Begone Dull Care” from 1949, was painted directly on film, to create a visual representation of Oscar Peterson’s superb piano – perhaps one of the first video clips ever.

McLaren’s work has a special exploratory quality. You can find more of it on YouTube.

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