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Off the Air: Nonsense (S12E01)

7 Mar

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Gabbagooblins by Joe Cappa
Nonsense Titles by Max Landman
“Weird part of the Night” music video by Louis Cole
My Pea by umami
Dewdge Center by Eoin O’ Kane, written by Brooks Allison
“We Go Back” music video by Winston Hacking
Pastor Josiah by Tom Mcdonald
egg touching (Credited as Touch The Egg) by Peter Millard
Fingertips by Phoebe Parsons
“Springtime Old Man” music video by Tsuchya Hoi
The Shrewd Awakening by TOMASZEWICZ studio
My Foe (credited as My Pod) by umami
Doomscroll animation by Maggie Brennan
“I Need to be Passed Away” music video by Surfies

The Incredible Shadoks

27 Jun

The Shadoks are kind of outer-space bird-like creatures designed and created by the French experimental animator Jacques Rouxel in the late sixties, in the spirit of newspapers comic strips like “Peanuts”. The Shadoks divided the French nation as much as the political debate about the future of democracy.
The Shadoks live on the shadok planet where everything is going wrong, and their efforts to escape to Earth are constantly foiled by rivals from another planet.
shadok cover These silly creatures with their own brand of logic first appeared on TV in 1968 and quickly became a cult. Their main mission was educative: criticism of the French society with absurd humor. The animated cartoon, revoiced by Kenneth Robinson (who replaced the French comedian Claude PiƩplu), intrigued many a British child! Actually, the Shadoks used rules like:
* The more you fail, the more you have a chance that it will work in the end.
* Better to pump even if nothing happens than to risk something worse happening by not pumping.
* If you have 999 chances in 1000 that the thing will fail, so hurry to do the 999 first tests, because the 1000th will probably be the right one.
* Why do simple when one can do complicated?
* In order for there to be the fewest discontent, one only has to always hit on the same ones…
* If there is no solution, it’s because there is no problem.

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