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“Three Rings” by Grizzly Bear

20 Aug

From “gun-shy” by Grizzly Bear to a Fantastic Voyage

3 Feb

According to Grizzly Bear’s tumblr in the video for “gun-shy” the members of the band  are trying to extract the essence of creativity from their bodies. To do that they use a lot of medical lab equipment. This is the occasion for director Kris Moyes to present a slick blend of psychedelic and medical visualizations. This mix might be surprising at first but it also makes a lot of sense. Like deep-sea and outer space in the 19th century, the unknown space of the mind and the microcosm of the human body have been explored, mapped, imagined and visualized (I guess also colonized) since the beginning of the 20th century. In a way all those fantastic worlds take part in the metaphor of the “other space”… and in many ways they all provide excellent material for trippy videos. Look for yourself!

“Ready, Able” by Grizzly Bear

16 Sep

What is going on there in the woods? Eerie psychedelic beauty high on plasticine.

Directed by Allison Schulnik.

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