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Jan Kounen / Gisele Kerozene…

20 Jul

A last hint of Jan Kounen…a Master…in psychedelism / Stop motion technique…

In 1989, he directed GISELE KEROSENE, “Grand Prix du Court-Métrage” award at the Avoriaz Festival.

Jan Kounen / The last red chaperone

13 Jul

I already talked about Jan Kounen, one of my favorite movie director, actor, writer and documentary maker in psychedelia …

Today, I want to show you “The last red  chaperone”, his version of the famous fairy…

It’s in french and spanish subtitled, but the fact here is much more about the visuals and the techniques he used to give us the perception he wanted, and it’s a success !

Please, enjoy 😉

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And part 5

Jan Kounen / Bluberry / Ayahusca trip

6 Jul

As a Jan Kounen’s movie, I wanted to present a short sample…

Depiction of an ayahuasca trip from the movie Renegade aka Blueberry.

One of the best way I found to describe it in a movie…since it will never be possible to describe it as it is in reality…

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