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Prophici – Stars to Earth (Visual Mix)

27 May

Choreograft with some cool effects in this one!

Upwards – Cualli

15 Apr

Original artwork is “Calibration Station” by John Speaker. Animation and music by Cualli

BLISS Mix | Off the Air Fanmade

11 Mar

Here’s a fun little compilation I assembled with a plethora of beautiful, trippy videos from a variety of amazing creators.


Arc Rev One – Coastal

8 Jan

Paul McCartney, Beck – Find My Way (Official Video)

20 Nov

Paul McCartney has a new deepfake video where the 79 year old singer is digitally cloned on the image of Beck. The video features psychedelic visuals, but most of all I found it quite uncanny and unheimlich

Howie Lee – Bankers

20 Aug

Dead Soon A/V Version

13 Aug

Entangled Mind Downtempo Journey Set – Actualize Visuals All Original Art Mix

16 Jul

Some great artists collabing together on a full hour long set of art and music

Tragic Trip – Nitemare (FlexYourLoveMuscles)

15 Feb

Satelliti – Young Wolf (video by Morgan Beringer)

4 Jan

Earlier work from the ever-amazing Morgan Beringer

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