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Fast Style Transfer Video – Deep learning

11 Jan

Style transfer video technology has broken through the past couple years. Look for this to be BIG in the world of psychedelic visuals and renders! It’s based on neural networks and machine learning similar to deep dream.


Entheogenic – Soma (Veda Mix)

30 Nov

Geometric Nature Beauty

Circles Around The Sun – One For Chuck

17 Nov

Super-awesome video to a super-awesome track!

Sebutones – Transmission

5 Nov

Fan video for old school Halifax hip hop legends Sebutones (Buck 65 & Sixtoo)

Nibana – I Am a Soul

2 Nov


27 Oct

A devilish video smartly plays on the famously psychedelic breathing walls effect. Epilepsy seizure warning! Bad Trip Warning!

The News Hasn’t Happened Yet | #3: UP

17 Aug

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