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15 Jan

Takayuki Watanabe aka Kitasenju Design created MEISAI, a body camouflage AR app for iPhone. Music by Rival Consoles. Put together by Gone West.

rejecting instruction [EG2.0]

3 Jan

We experience life and evolve through digital spaces that hold less and less meaning to us every day. As we are acting everyday more like them, our quest to understand the machines who encrypt our data has become closer to an identity crisis.


27 Dec

Song by David Dean Burkheart, “PowercuT – Morning Swim”

Based on a real bug

13 Dec

In 2008, programmer and glitch artist Doron Adler wrote the world’s first mobile client for streaming live video from the iPhone to the web. This was done for jailbroken iPhone (1st gen), before it had any official video support! But there was one small problem… the images were sampled from buffers of six frames, the order of which was unknown, causing a jerky glitch effect… I was hooked! Unfortunately, the original videos are no longer available, so for the past few weeks, Doron’s nostalgia and my obsession drove us to try and recreate the effect. And now you can too! junkie is an online glitcher that applies short-window frame shuffling, and we made it optionally cross-channel “for better effect”. Wait for the drop:

Doron explains how he made this clip:
1. Found on YouTube – a black & white video called “1920s Dance Craze
2. Colorized it with DeOldefiy
3. Found on SoundCloud – A royalty free dubstep song
4. Ran junkie on the Colorized video and got many junkie-glitched flavors (different parameter choices)
5. Cropped parts I liked from each flavor
6. Edited the cropped parts and added the soundtrack with iMovie

more videos by Doron

• psilocybe •

10 Dec

A psilocybin-solidification process translated artistically by Bastian Brandstötter.

Suns – Bells (Stuart Sinclair animation)

9 Dec

Max Cooper – Repetition – (Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin)

22 Nov

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