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Neuron by TBC & Loonies

6 Jun

1st place at TRSAC 2013 combined 4k intro compo.

Deities by MFX

30 May

1st place at Breakpoint 2006 PC demo compo.

G – Level One by Ctrl-Alt-Test

23 May

1st place at TokyoDemoFest 2014 combined demo/intro compo.

Quite: zeo-x-s (2011)

16 May

Contains parts from 4k intro “cdak” by Quite & Orange.

ambience by Quite

9 May

1st place at Geeks can dance 2010 PC 64k intro compo.

Devolution by Kewlers

2 May

4th place at Assembly 2010 combined demo compo.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

29 Dec

The ending credits for a new anime series are a glorious mashup of Conway’s Game of Life, Debian Linux, Common Lisp and Motif Window Manager.

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