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The Gate to a Deep Dream – DDG Generator

29 Apr

Unknowable (Meadow Maker + FlexYourLoveMuscles)

5 Apr


9 Jan

Dabin ft Bijou – Awakening (Fractal Factory video)

21 Dec

Another fine vid from Hannes Beem

Moonchild Sanelly – Bashiri

19 Dec

U-Recken – Illusion EP

23 Nov

fractal animations by Hannes Beem Website:

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – La Vita (Official Video)

14 Nov

Mastodon – Fallen Torches (Machina-Infinitum)

13 Oct

Next level fractal animations by Hey Beautiful Jerk and Machina-Infinitum

AllDistortionIsIntended (raja the resident alien)

6 Oct

Koch no. 6 FYLM lab (Planchette + Pink Tomb)

28 Sep
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