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Planet Honey by Digimind & keen

27 Jun

3rd place at Assembly 2014 PC 4k intro compo.

Perspective Perception by Komojo

20 Jun

2nd place at TMDC 2013 textmode demo compo

Kohlenstoffeinheit by Akronyme Analogiker

13 Jun

1st place at Revision 2013 pc 4k intro compo.

Neuron by TBC & Loonies

6 Jun

1st place at TRSAC 2013 combined 4k intro compo.

Deities by MFX

30 May

1st place at Breakpoint 2006 PC demo compo.

G – Level One by Ctrl-Alt-Test

23 May

1st place at TokyoDemoFest 2014 combined demo/intro compo.

Quite: zeo-x-s (2011)

16 May

Contains parts from 4k intro “cdak” by Quite & Orange.

ambience by Quite

9 May

1st place at Geeks can dance 2010 PC 64k intro compo.

Devolution by Kewlers

2 May

4th place at Assembly 2010 combined demo compo.

Farbrausch’s “fr038: theta”

26 Apr

Another mind-blower from the German demofreaks. If you want to run it real-time on your computer, you can download the demo from the Farbrausch site.

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