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“The Bath Tube Session” (Berlin, 1969) by Tangerine Dream

23 Nov

I want to add this to baba samas’ recent post of Tangerine Dream videos.

This video of Tangerine Dream’s “Bath Tube Session” in Berlin in 1969 might not have fancy animations or effects, but it really expresses (and documents) the psychedelic spirit like no other (just look at that trippin’ crowd).

Tangerine Dream – Ricochet

19 Nov

On the 11/12/2010, I published Tangerine Dream – Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975 (https://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/2010/12/11/tangerine-dream-live-at-coventry-cathedral-1975/) because I have been smashed by the discovery of this Psychedelic Band.

My interest for Tangerine Dream has never stopped since!

Today I want to share an other gem :

Tangerine Dream – Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975

11 Dec

A cathedral is a multimedia work of art. It addresses all of one’s sences: the smell of incense, the coldness of it’s stone, the magnificent colored light shining from the stained glass window and the liturgical chanting help transform the believer’s conciessness into a spiritual experience.









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