Love & Theft

20 May

* BAD TRIP Notice – Caution this clip features (some) dark materials and might catalyze bad trips, especially while under the influence of psychedelics.

One of the defining characteristics of the psychedelic visual experience, and of the psychedelic experience in general is endless transformations of things morphing into each other, as you can see in other videos which were featured here on the DPV, such as The Amazing Mr. Brickford.

This video created by Andreas Hykade also shows this tendency: Morphing the whole world upon itself, skipping between dimensions and amazing landscapes of figures and emotions.

(Link: Snapovitcz. Thanks!)

3 Responses to “Love & Theft”


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    […] girl finds the whole world inside a leaf in this animation by Angela Steffen, who also worked on Love & Theft. Official website. This entry was posted in Psychedelic Short Films and tagged animation. […]

  2. Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit | The Daily Psychedelic Video - December 21, 2010

    […] Another trippy offering from Flying Lotus, this time visualized by lilfuchs. Note how at a certain point he uses the bulging eye effect from Love & Theft. […]

  3. On Psychedelic Aesthetics « Psychedelic Cultures - June 27, 2012

    […] include more hardcore psychedelic motives such as multi-perspectivism, multi-dimensionality, figure transformation, mandalas and fractalic imagery. In this way one could distinguish between soft-psychedelia and […]

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