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Memory from Dead Mans Trip (DMT visuals experiment v11)

5 Dec

Another noble attempt from Symmetric Vision

AI generated DMT entities

5 Aug

First steps into the future!

Terence Mckenna- The DMT Experience

6 Aug

Memory from Dead Mans Trip (DMT visuals experiment v7)

14 Dec

Stunning work from Symmetric Vision, more: https://www.symmetric-vision.xyz/


20Twenty – DMT (kashOptix visuals)

21 Sep

Visuals by the great and underrated kashOptix

Steve Haman Animations

27 Mar

Steve Haman has been releasing some amazing new promo animations as well as some 30 min meditation mixes (you can find on Incedegris’ youtube page) that are perfect visuals for any kind of music or meditation!


Aren’t You Coming With Us? A Sieg Mattel x Angus Long Collab

31 Jan

Now that’s a nice breakthrough experience! Check out these artists



Scott Draves – 360 DMT Visualisations

13 Mar

Almost 2 hours of dazzling DMT visualisations – in 360!
You can check Scott’s web page: https://scottdraves.com/
for more psychedelic art.

“Dreamsters” Chris Dyer art animation

25 Jan

Here a fun animation by Zip Visuals, using Chris Dyer artwork and embellished by the music of Tipper (the song is called “Dreamsters”) .

Toxic Love

20 Dec

Graduation movie from LISAA Animation – Paris (2016) by James Lewis Jenkins

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