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23 Aug

“Marble Machine” by Wintergatan

5 May

“Man” by Neko Case

18 Nov

“HARAJUKU IYAHOI” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

14 Jan

“Millenium Crux” by New Fumes

2 Oct

Mondial TM

11 Jul

Sydney Opera House/Living Mural-Universal Everything

4 Jul

Bjork “Black Lake” directed by Andrew Huang

26 Jun

Following up on last week’s post featuring another recent pairing of Andrew Huang and Bjork, here’s a recently released video from the MOMA show. Andrew is quoted as saying, “I’m very proud of ‘Black Lake’,” says Los Angeles fashion and music filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, who shot the video filmed in Iceland’s highlands for good reason. An article on the show appears in “Dazed” stating, “Björk wrote the song while sat in a ravine. It is our first chapter in creating the character for Björk’s epic soul journey about loss, healing and the promise of solutions.” You can read the full article here:


Snuff Puppets “Everybody” Giant Human Puppet

19 Jun

Be forewarned, this one is pretty creepy but oh so unique and astounding.

Bjork “Stonemilker” 360 video by Andrew Huang

13 Jun

Another wonderful pairing of Bjork with director Andy Huang. Navigate around the space using the arrows in the upper left corner. Lovely and moving, the video was shot on location in Iceland. I was lucky enough to have Mr.Huang as a student in my animation classes a decade or so ago. He was one of those students you just stood back and watched while trying to clear his path and give him access to tools along the way. He’s a very nice and generous guy to boot. Several of his award winning vdeo have previously been featured on the DPV including his short film “Solipsist” and music videos for Bjork and Atoms for Peace. Check out his website for cool behind the scenes footage:


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