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The Orb – DDD

8 Dec

The Books – Playall

10 May

The books captured that nostalgic psychedelia with their live music. But they were also incredible collectors of very odd and very old video tape recordings. Their DVD “Playall” combines the best of their two worlds into a truly unique experience.

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

13 Nov

Boards of Canada have mastered the art of revealing the magical and psychedelic power documentary footage. And this video hits that nail right on the head.


Acid Washed – Snake

20 Nov

This video for the House band Acid Washes was designed by graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

It’s the combination of extreme simplicity, full abstraction and bright colors that got this wonderful artist to a blog that deals with psychedelic aesthetics, but I love his work regardless of that.


Jimmy Joe Roche

24 Oct

A few recent works revisiting psychedelic tropes by visual artist Jimmy Joe Roche.

Digital Psychedelia by Takeshi Murata

17 Oct

All of these beautiful animations are works of digital media artist Takeshi Murata. I think they express a remarkably pure psychedelic vision and joy in the realm of the digital. Especially the way they develop a sense of space and time and make us look at movement links the digital with the psychedelic.

inside a computer’s mind

16 Oct

Trying to imagine an artificial intelligence’s consciousness calls for psychedelic imagery. like psychedelic substances, computers and networks are technologies designed to expand our mind. As a technological artifact computers are perfectly logical and coherent, as user interfaces they try to be as accessible as possible; and yet the computer as a conscious being is completely alien to us. This otherness of an artificial mind is the subject of these two videos.
The Rez games are all about a hacker shooting around inside a super intelligent network, trying to protect it. the above video is a trailer for the game The Child Of Eden – the recent addition to the series. I don’t know if the touch screen is really an optional interface, but if it really is, this game is a real trip with it’s cross-consciousness theme and synesthetic approach to soundtrack design.

And here’s another view inside a computer, and a trip down memory lane: The 1980’s classic Tron!
The story is somewhat similar (a hacker fighting his way through a computer…) and the difference in the visual treatment in comparison to Rez should give you some ideas about how dramatically our view of AI has changed.

(Rez link: Corey. Thank you!)

Love & Theft

20 May

* BAD TRIP Notice – Caution this clip features (some) dark materials and might catalyze bad trips, especially while under the influence of psychedelics.

One of the defining characteristics of the psychedelic visual experience, and of the psychedelic experience in general is endless transformations of things morphing into each other, as you can see in other videos which were featured here on the DPV, such as The Amazing Mr. Brickford.

This video created by Andreas Hykade also shows this tendency: Morphing the whole world upon itself, skipping between dimensions and amazing landscapes of figures and emotions.

(Link: Snapovitcz. Thanks!)

The psychedelic cat food commercial

19 May

This commercial is about psychedelic cat food that has hallucinogenic effects on your cat. A commercial that makes you go, Miao!!!

(Link: Asaf Stuhl Trauring. Thanks!)

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