super psychedelic Webcam Piano by Memo Akten

27 Feb

Check out more of Memo Aktens works here.

This is where the developement of the Webcam Piano led:

One Response to “super psychedelic Webcam Piano by Memo Akten”

  1. 7eit at 5:45 pm #

    Hi, thank you for your interest in the blog! I am not sure if I understood you right: Did you want to quote something from the blog? Or did you want to quote an article by Memo Akten? In that case, please ask him. If you want to use something I wrote (only those by 7eit) on the blog, please feel free to quote it. In case my post has another author I indicate it. I can forward your request, in case you want to quote from a guest author. I hope I answered your question.

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