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Travis Scott – SICKO MODE ft. Drake

11 Mar

Travis Scott’s music videos regularly veer into psychedelic visual territory and SICKO MODE is no different.

Monster Mike – That (video by New Trash Crew)

1 Mar

The Weeknd – Heartless

11 Feb

Plenty of nods to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in this music video from The Weeknd. For the properly trippy stuff, skip to 2:36. The Weeknd licks a toad and 10 seconds later some beautifully rendered visuals emerge.

DÄLEK – Guaranteed Struggle

7 Feb

Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite

4 Feb

Kid Cudi has spoken openly about his use of psychedelics and has referenced them lyrically more than once. This isn’t Cudi at his most psychedelic musically, but the video does the trick from a visual perspective.

Jhené Aiko – The Trip

28 Jan

Hi everyone, my name’s Craig Clark and I’m a second year PhD student at Northumbria University. My research is focused on psychedelic aesthetics in film and television. DPV has proven to be an incredibly useful resource in my studies and a couple of my favourite psychedelic sequences (Taking Woodstock and Mad Men) are already on the site. I’d fully recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. Given the topic of my research, I thought I’d offer to contribute to the site and so here I am!

Although I’m not studying music video, the first one I wanted to share is Jhené Aiko’s short film, The Trip, which she released in conjunction with the album of the same name. Both album and film feature strong psychedelic themes and ideation throughout. In the film, Penny (played by Aiko), takes mushrooms with her companion Dante (Ben Whalen) while driving through the desert. They take the mushrooms at the 12 minute 40 second mark. A trip sequence dominated by animated visuals ensues. The whole film has a psychedelic quality to it and is worth watching to put the trip sequence into context.

Arabian Alien | Romantic encounter – اربين الللين | موعد غرامي (ft Tamtam , prod 90sflav)

28 Nov

Sampa The Great – Black Atlantis – Planet Afropunk Performance

21 Nov

Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken – Acid King

15 Nov

Take Care In Your Dreaming (Visualiser) – The Avalanches

31 Oct
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