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Bone Nest: Futuregirl

22 Dec

Music video for Bone Nest’s track.

Silver Shadows: You Were Right

21 Jul

Music video for Silver Shadows directed by Peter Clark.

Bone Nest: Relight My Heart feat. Maria Victoria

18 Jan

Music video for Bone Nest.

Remi Wolf – Woo!

24 Oct

“Super Rad!” by The Aquabats

22 Jul

Californian psychedelic slapstick ska from the 90s!

Ty Segall-“Break a Guitar”

4 Aug

“Ikam Ardas Wahe Guru” – White Sun

2 Jul

Grammy winning psychedelic Sikh new age music to relax on sunday evening!

“10,000 Emerald Pools”- Børns

7 Mar

I’m a little obsessed with this video today. It may tend more towards the dreamy side than pyschedelic, but it definitely feels other-wordly. Børns is a LA singer songwriter whose current claim to fame is that he lives in a tree-house- quite dreamy. The ethereal vocals combined with clever underwater footage make it easy to fall into Børns’ world.

A Psychedelic Promise: forever young by The Youth Group

10 Apr

Do you remember the commercial with the 250 000 colorful balls bouncing down the streets of San Francisco that has been featured on this blog a while ago? This video by the Youth Group shares the mood or promise evoked in images of the commercial. Both videos show montages of an effortless downhill movement by a multitude of individuals.

I must have watched this one a million times since I discovered it.

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