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אמגושא – Ahavt Hinam Yishuv Hadaat

27 Nov

A highly peculiar outlandish psychedelic video by ultra-orthodox Breslav Hasids singing about Jewish spiritual work but somehow also having some Hindu and Tao symbols flying nearby

ShookiZ – Fears after Years

13 Nov

Beautiful dreamy vibe on this video clip by Israeli group “The Shookiz”. I happened upon one of their shows one drunk Thursday night several weeks back and I can tell you they also give the best shows.

Noa Kirel & Ilan Peled – Trilili Tralala (Prod by K-Kov)

6 Nov

Israeli singer Noa Kirel in an hilarious video with hyper-psychedelic visuals.

Gon Ben Ari – Mania and other videos

25 Sep

The current king of Israeli psychedelia is Gon Ben Ari. His clips might not have the familiar psychedelic style of lavish forms and colors, but he writes and sings brilliantly about mania, ptsd, liminal mental states, cannabis, psychedelics, and spiritual breakthrough. Ben Ari also published a brilliant psychedelic novel with strong autobiographical elements about his experiences with plant medicine and adventures in Kabbalah. For those of you who don’t speak Hebrew, hopefully his stuff gets translated sometime soon, because this is insane!

Churchills (Jericho Jones) Coral for Young Lovers

11 Sep

1960s Israeli psychedelic band, the Churchills, known abroad as Jericho Jones (name was changed for the international tours to avoid hurting the English people’s feelings), beautiful rendition of a Bach tune.

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