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Hylics 2

5 Jul

Cube Quest (1983)

23 Feb

Cube Quest (1983) is a rare arcade game with incredibly trippy visuals and a new age soundtrack. You can already see REZ and still see the influence on Kubrick’s star gate sequence. Below is a version with all the visuals but without gameplay.

Trippy Trends in Minecraft: Freefall

2 Oct

We have covered Minecraft before here on dpv. But this time the psychedelic activity is completely user generated. And this proofs an important point: If people would live in a box of legos they would still look for a way to trip.

It is also interesting to compare the aesthetics especially of the first video to the trippy sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Minecraft’s Acid Trip Shader Mod

22 May

You might have heard of minecraft. You might even have played it, since you can play the (now outdated) classic version for free in your browser window. You might even be addicted to it and begin to neglect your daily psychedelic fix. You no longer have to split your time between the two.

For those of you who have not stumbled over it yet; Minecraft is your unlimited box of legos poured out between your numberless friends all over the internet (and psst, you won’t have to tidy up your room afterwards… don’t tell your mom I said this).

feed the head

9 Jan

This is a video of a complete walkthrough for a little game called “feed the head“. In the game all you do is experimenting with the psychedelic logic of the possible interactions. And it is fun to do so!

If you think about playing the game, do it before you watch this video. It’s free and very calm and played right in the browser window.

now, do as the dormouse said..

Space Channel 5 part 2

11 Jul

..singing robots. check! duelling alien dancers. check!

what else do we need for a happening of intergalactic proportion? how about a president of the galaxy called Peace? sure! an evil plan to dance the galaxy mad? why not, bring it on! a pink haired pigtailed reporter on 20 cm pleatau space boots to guide us through all this? yeah, keep it going! all of ’em singing and dancing frantically inbetween explosions of color and light? that’s it! space channel 5.

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