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“Honey” by Robyn

4 Nov

Finding whole worlds of complexity and beauty in the smallest fractions of the most mundane objects has always fascinated the curious. In the video for her new single, Robyn (who also directed the video) takes us to an ever-changing, translucent world of honey.

“Sayit” by Röyksopp & Robyn

16 Nov

this is some heavily stylized Scandinavian glitchedelia.


“Monument” by Röyksopp & Robyn

17 Aug

stretching moments of time into space…

There is this beautiful word in the (not always pretty) german language: Augenblick. It means something similar to proverbial “blink of an eye”. But while “blinking” is the ephemeral moment that interrupts the view, “Blick” is more like “glance”, an ephemeral mode of seeing. Now dear old Mr. Goethe has phrased “Der Augenblick ist Ewigkeit”. This sentence simply asserts that the “Augenblick”, the ephemeral moment is eternity. While this might look like a contradiction at first, it actually describes the most common experience: every single Augenblick passes instantly — and this one thing will never change.

“Out Of The Black” by Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn

23 Mar

So Neneh Cherry is back and she is accompanied by  Robyn for her new track “Out Of The Black” (as well as Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden as producer — but is there really not a single Four Tet video to be found here on dpv?).

Now we have to decide if the video to the track actually qualifies as psychedelic or not. It certainly looks like early art school experiments in video art (here comes the frame again). But since we are no longer in the early days of video art and we all got used to many of its moves since the early days of mtv, maybe we can look past the v-effect and enjoy the spiraling, disintegrating and flashing images.

And just so you don’t start calling us tpvatdnoasftv (thatpsychedelicvideoarchivethatdoesnotofferasinglefourtatvideo) here is a (fittingly artsy) Four Tet video:

[thanks to Karo for the link to the Neneh Cherry video]

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