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Tangerine Dream – “Origin of Supernatural Probabilities”

8 May

From 1967 German electronic space/cosmic band Tangerine Dream, off there album “Zeit”

Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror”

27 Feb

Music video for “Black Mirror” by Canadian alternative band Arcade Fire off the album “Neon Bible” I guess you could say that Father has brought you all down his bible to read for this Monday.

Arcade fire is an amazing alternative band, i would highly recommend giving them the old listen. Either there first album “Funeral” or there second “Neon Bible” is a good album to start on for them, “Funeral” if you like more folky psychedelic music, or “Neon Bible” if you like more dark alternative type psychedelic music.

On a side note, whenever i listen to this song or see it in my music i always remember the British anthology series “Black Mirror”, which is now on Netflix as an original series. I wont spoil much but its a psychological anthology series very reminiscent of “The Twilight zone” only instead of being in a warped reality of the 7th dimension, its in the very near future of ours. If you want to watch a really well crafted and good thinking show, then this is for you.

“Heaven Or Las Vegas” by Cocteau Twins

6 Dec

“The Carnival Is Over” by Dead Can Dance

29 Nov

“Tiger Dreams” by Karin Park

26 Apr

“Monument” by Röyksopp & Robyn

17 Aug

stretching moments of time into space…

There is this beautiful word in the (not always pretty) german language: Augenblick. It means something similar to proverbial “blink of an eye”. But while “blinking” is the ephemeral moment that interrupts the view, “Blick” is more like “glance”, an ephemeral mode of seeing. Now dear old Mr. Goethe has phrased “Der Augenblick ist Ewigkeit”. This sentence simply asserts that the “Augenblick”, the ephemeral moment is eternity. While this might look like a contradiction at first, it actually describes the most common experience: every single Augenblick passes instantly — and this one thing will never change.

“Winter Beats” by I Break Horses

23 Feb

more black-and-white natural darkedelia.


[thanks to Karo for the link! ]

“Thanatos” by Soap&Skin

7 Oct

The video to Thanatos by Soap&Skin uses the theme of decay to a beautiful dark psychedelic effect. Check it out and enjoy!

Zhala’s Slippin’ Around remixed by Aerea Negrot

12 Aug

If you already did like Zhala’s original track you should check out the remix by Aerea Negrot. Makode Linde’s original video got an edit by Moneymake Pagoda. And that edit adds even more of that heavy psychedelic flavour.

[Again, many thanks to Karo]

“Get Some” by Lykke Li

24 Jun

Lykke Li and Johan Söderberg are not afraid of old stereotypes. They just pick them up and use them as stone tablets to write in their new laws. When this  Scandinavian heathen valkyrie adorns herself with typical male sexual metaphors, those metaphors start to smell like shrunken heads and gleam like hunting trophies. So we better be careful what we call her since she is going to use it against us in her satanic dissemination rituals. In her voodoo, a word we might have dropped carelessly can be applied instead of a lost hair. In the center of the kaleidoscope she is dancing to the beat of the tribal drums while pulses of light move in on us from the “heart of darkness”. Her ink-stained fingers make clear: she is the one in charge of the Rorschach test.

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