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“Let It Flow” by Spritualized

28 Apr

Spacemen 3 – “RollerCoaster”

26 Dec

Unofficial music video for the song “Rollercoaster” by Spaceman 3, off there first album “Sound of Confusion”.

If you haven’t listened to or heard of Spaceman 3 before, i suggest you get typin’ in your google bar because these guys are one of the greatest psychedelic bands from the late 80’s in my opinion. My go to band for when i’m having a nice trip. There music provides good chill vibes, the goodness in the world, the goodness in drugs and even sometimes a glimpse of the big man in the sky. Would Recommend there second album “The Perfect Prescriptions” if you want to check them out.


“taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” – psychedelia in the 80’s and early 90’s with Spacemen 3

20 Feb

While we witness a little return of interest towards psychedelic culture since a few years, it was quite rare that popular subculture would refer to psychedelia in those bleak mid 80’s (at least before rave would bring back rainbows, bubbles and acid). Still a few groups like Psychic TV and Spacemen 3 kept the endless trance inducing jams and the quest for musical (et al.) mind exploration going.

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