Arise Chapter 01 – Instructions

30 Jan

One of the most psychedelic and ingenious videos in the history of the internet (Even though it was created before the web,  for video tapes). Ivan Stang, founder of the Church of the SubGenius directed this wildly ingenious video clip.

It is interesting to note, that many of the effects of the video tape, according to the speaker are similar if not identical to those of psychedelic substances. However, the tone itself is much more commanding and sinister than that usually associated with psychedelics.

The video looks like some kind of parody on mind control and hallucinations, but what I find to be the most hilarious is the name “Church of the SubGenius”, created intentionally in order to become semantically ossified and for people to start using it and say that they are “part of Church of the SubGenius”  without thinking about what the actual meaning is of the name is…

And here is another one…

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