Vladiswar Nadishana

12 Sep

Few years ago, I had the pleasure to see a Nadishana Vladiswar show.

I discovered a incredible young modern Siberian “instru-mentalist”,

able to play as well Hang, than jews harp, than a water boiler, than some instruments he invented and built !

Then, during the show, I also discovered the visuals he creates too, mixing psychedelic,

peacefull and mind meditative designs with the live music  !

he recently edited a DVD (http://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=112833):

The aim of this project was to bring together ancient charactery with contemporary technologies. As a source of archaic symbols, movements and sound ideas we chose the culture of Ancient Kuzhebar (South Siberia), the culture that we belong to. The movie is based on two harmonical components:

  • Archaic charactery and ethnic music of Ancient Kuzhebar aborigines (organic)

  • Contemporary videoart, sound microsurgery (inorganic)

So much to say about him…

Vladiswar Nadishana is a Shaman, prepare to be healed !

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