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Far Away

30 Aug

A wizard and magic mushrooms create a new friend. Another awesome animation from Prof Soap.

Washed Out – Don’t Give Up

23 Aug

Lots of psychedelic nature, up close and meditative, in the new Washed Out video for Don’t Give Up.

When You’re There

16 Aug

A journey into far realms.

Yawn: Acid

9 Aug

The name says it all.

Jemapur – Clarte

2 Aug

Animation by Genki Ito. From video description: “Taking as its inspiration the sub-atomic world of a nuclear fusion reaction, Clarte visually re-imagines this microcosm into a beautifully poetic animation, pulsing and flowing along with Jemapur’s dark and textured sound. Experimenting with HDV recording, analog footage of milk floating on water, sediment in rotten wine, and caustics from reflected projector lights were all incorporated into the digital animation.”

If I Am This Forest

26 Jul

The forest is alive.

Liquid Shapes Disseminating

19 Jul

Shapes and colors dancing on your brain.

High Places

12 Jul

Well-filmed and edited performance by High Places, inside the yarn structure at Room 205. High Places has been putting out great music for a while; check out their song From Stardust to Sentience.

Octo Octa – I’m Trying

5 Jul

Spectral vintage footage set to drum and bass by Octa Octa.


28 Jun

Well, the “Happy Trails” video is now blocked due to copyright (damn the man), so here is a short but sweet video from bodygod.

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