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An Optical Poem – produced by Oskar Fischinger 1938

10 Sep

This groundbreaking short (7 minutes) was landmark in object animation with Fischinger manipulating hundreds of paper-cuts hung on invisible wires.


Gold Diggers Of 1933 – The Shadow Waltz

14 Oct

Bubsy Berkeley does it again with some sweet 1930s (glowing violin) psychedelia, from The Gold Diggers (1933).

Hans Foscherkoesen-Philips light bulbs advertisement (1937)

1 Sep

Busby Berkeley collage

29 Jul

A mesmerizing collage of images from Busby Berkeley films, with music by Artie Shaw.

Busby Berkeley – By a waterfall (1933)

10 Jun

Nothing can hide the amazing genius of Busby Berkeley, the legendary 1930s movie director choreograph who created unbelievable kaleidoscopic forms all created by human dancers. (Below a backup YouTube version in lower quality for those having difficulty with Facebook videos).

Bon Bon Parade-Screen Gems 1935

3 Mar

Swing You Sinners! (1930)

24 Jan

Max Fleischer toon with Bimbo the dog.

Pastry Town Wedding Cartoon (1934)- Ted Eshbaugh and Ray Gillette

26 Sep

Betty Boop – Betty in Blunderland (1934)

22 Sep

Betty follows the White Rabbit!

Betty Boop: Silly Scandals (1931)

25 Aug

The hypnosis scene at the end is particularly trippy.

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