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Feed Me & Kill The Noise – “Far Away”

12 Jun

Future bass song by EDM producers Feed Me & Kill The Noise, bring a music video reminiscent of a children’s story book.


Trolls (2016) videos

8 Apr


The Trolls film (2016) has been variously described by the press as a “psychedelic Smurfs spin-off” as well as a “psychedelic adventure for children and potheads.” Check out these videos to see what the talk is all about.

Bon Bon Parade-Screen Gems 1935

3 Mar


16 Dec

Time for another BoohBah! This one features snow for all you snowed in cats across the globe.

“Boohbah:Skipping Rope (Episode 1)”-Ragdoll Productions, 2003

4 Nov

I remember the first time I saw an episode of Boohbah. It was after an intense 4-week teaching stint left me so physically and emotionally exhausted that I could do nothing but  lie on the couch and watch TV for a week straight. This was pre-streaming days, and weekday mid-morning television had little to offer. After watching about an hour of the local schoolboard district meeting (yes I was that desperate), I switched stations to find this beautiful, psychedelic wonder aimed for lucky little pre-school children. It was comfort food for my eyes and for my soul.

Boohbah is and was a polarizing show. Folks seem to love or hate it. I am fully and firmly entrenched on the love side of the fence. Created by Anne Wood and Ragdoll Productions (the same team who brought us Teletubbies), Boohbah features costumed creatures flying through rainbow space clouds, dancing, cooing and making fart sounds. Each episode includes a live action vignette driven by a gift and the storypeople. It is pure genius. I may post more episodes in the coming weeks to help us all relax during this stressful time of year. PS-If you are an American citizen reading this- VOTE!!!

Etze li ha’Shuka – SHEFITA [the market song]

10 Oct

Israeli singer Shefita’s version to a Nostalgic Israeli children’s song “Etze Li Ha’Suka” (The Market Song), “filmed in Tel-Aviv Israel, and made with lots of love to all the animals and living creatures on this planet!”

Sesame Street Pinball Number Count (All Segments)

6 Aug

Sesame Street’s classic pinbball no. count video proves again that Sesame st. is the queen of all psychedelic TV shows. In 2012 an updated and awesomely psychedelic 3D version of the clip was produced by YouTube user animaysh which is a delight unto itself.

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