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“City Looks Pretty” by Courtney Barnett

22 Apr

City looks pretty… trippy, I’d say. Actually, the approach is a bit more subtle than last months take on the famous Star Gate sequence. This time the video for Courtney Barnett’s new song is more about making psychedelic undercurrents visible in more or less everyday sights. Have fun!

“Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop” by Caleb Wood

11 May

“Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop” is an incredibly organic, almost breathing animation short film by animation artist Caleb Wood. Following the rhythm of everyday impressions it goes – once again – down the rabbit hole. The beautiful soundtrack also deserves to be mentioned.


Psychedelic Food Coloring

13 Jan

Today we will show you how you can make your own psychedelic galaxy out of food coloring, milk and dish soap.

Thanks for watching todays show of Psychedelic Home Improvement. See you again next week.

Everyday Psychedelia Pt.2: Night Flights

7 Aug

Whenever I book a flight to a big city I try to make it a night landing. Those pulsing breathing organisms of light look so alien and soothing.

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