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Hollis: Sedative

30 Mar

Music video directed & animated by Jamie Wolfe.

Fusako: The flower of afterimage (trailer, 2017)

26 May

Trailer of a fulldome film by Fusako.


Tchaikovsky Waltz of Flowers – Blooming Time Lapse

6 Mar

Beautiful time lapse full of amazing colors and shapes. Because flowers are SO trippy.

Sean Capone: Still Lifes 2014-2015

12 Sep

More flowery arrangements.

Sean Capone: Floralwall #11

29 Aug

A piece from a series of ornamental video wallpapers that took as inspiration the history of architectural ornament, textile design, and movements such as Pattern & Decoration and William Morris’ Arts & Crafts, among other influences.

Dana Williams – One More

24 Mar

Feel the power of the flowers!
Directed and animated by Caleb Wood.

Psychedelic Flower Power

10 Jan

I am not sure this is what they meant when they were talking about “flower power” in the sixties, but this clip, titled “psychedelic warfare” on YouTube has already reached more than 3 million views. So this is what happens when guns go psychedelic…

(Link: Morning Glory. Thanks!)

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