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Drugs As Tools For Spirituality/ Jason Silva

11 May

Jason Silva’s videos

3 Jul

Jason Silva’s series Shots of awe takes mind-transforming ideas and warps them into a 3 minute YouTube format. Though Silva’s enthusiasm and optimism can be a bit over the top for some, you’ve got to admire the craft and energy that’s put into making these videos. Not only are they magnificently envisioned on the visual level, but as someone who tried his hand at producing mind-transforming videos for the web back in 2007 and 2009, I admire the great job Silva does in seemingly effortlessly translating big, complex ideas into the hyperactive format of online media. Silva is a smart guy, well versed in psychedelic thinking, and names like Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary and Robert Anton often come up in his raps. He describes his videos as “philosophical espresso shots; condensed trailers for ideas.” Indeed they work like appetizers, and hopefully they do not satisfy completely and lead viewers to deepen their exploration of the the big issues also after the video has ended. Here Silva explains why we don’t need to fear artificial intelligence And here he explains why “the idea of the singularity is awesome” If you check out his channel you’ll find Silva  has created dozens and dozens of videos over the past couple of years. Recently the YouTube channel Seeker Stories did a story about Silva and his creative process titled “A philosopher’s mind trip”. An interesting viewing.

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