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Mabe Fratti – Hacia El Vacio (ft. Claire Rousay)

13 Feb


13 Apr

Maria Sabina was a mexican curandera who worked with psilocybin mushrooms and it was through her that the west first became aware of the existence of the magic mushrooms, when mycologist R. Gordon Wasson and his wife Valentina met her and became the first westerners to participate in a traditional mushroom ceremony, in 1955. The rest was history, as this event, and the ensuing article in LIFE magazine were among the most important catalysts leading to the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s. Those of you who don’t know who Maria Sabina might want to first go and read her Wikipedia article.

This song, by Mexican rock group El Tri, celebrates the figure of Maria Sabina calling her “a symbol of the wisdom of love.” Great song.

(Link: Ave. Thanks!)

Los Alguiens – El Internet

27 Aug

So simple, so bizzare, so addicting. A funny  song by Mexican band Los Aguiens about the internet with a definite psychedelic twist.

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