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“Supper’s ready” by Genesis (live 1974)

14 Jun

Another epic display of well-mannered madness by the lovely (early prog version of) Genesis. (also: witness Peter Gabriel transform from a very early proto goth into a beautiful flower)

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer and Digging in the Dirt

23 Oct

I did the search three times… I just couldn’t believe that nobody posted this until now.

These music videos really left an impression on my young brain when I encountered them accidentally on MTV in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I still get the feeling that these impressions get locked away again the moment the video stops. If you asked me now what happens in either one – five minutes after watching them again- I think I couldn’t tell you. There is something about a snail…

time/space extrusion experiments

4 Sep

Strata cut is an animation technique invented by David Daniels. He explains:

“Stratacut is the revealed technique in a way but what you are really doing is sculpting time. You are creating these blobby-spaghetti extrusions with a lot of distortions in them. You are calculating how they will be revealed in time. The potential energy that has been sculpted into them is revealed as kinetic energy once it is cut apart. So I tried to figure out all the possible geometric principals on which the twisting of the shapes would yield the ideal result; the blinking eyes, rotating faces, walking, etc.”

the whole interview in “The Art Of the Title Sequence” is highly recommended.

The next clip is from his cult student film “Buzz Box”, I think it’s brilliant, but might freak you out:

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