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CHON – Petal

28 Jun

A wonky little claymation adventure

GUM – “The Blue Marble”

12 Mar

Mushroom Tea – Altai Lelio (Clay Animation)

29 Oct

“One too many muhsroom, in the mushroom tea”. Official Video. LOL!

time/space extrusion experiments

4 Sep

Strata cut is an animation technique invented by David Daniels. He explains:

“Stratacut is the revealed technique in a way but what you are really doing is sculpting time. You are creating these blobby-spaghetti extrusions with a lot of distortions in them. You are calculating how they will be revealed in time. The potential energy that has been sculpted into them is revealed as kinetic energy once it is cut apart. So I tried to figure out all the possible geometric principals on which the twisting of the shapes would yield the ideal result; the blinking eyes, rotating faces, walking, etc.”

the whole interview in “The Art Of the Title Sequence” is highly recommended.

The next clip is from his cult student film “Buzz Box”, I think it’s brilliant, but might freak you out:

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