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Sesame Street Pinball Number Count (All Segments)

6 Aug

Sesame Street’s classic pinbball no. count video proves again that Sesame st. is the queen of all psychedelic TV shows. In 2012 an updated and awesomely¬†psychedelic 3D version of the clip was produced by YouTube user animaysh which is a delight¬†unto itself.

Psychedelic Sesame Street Numbers

23 Jun

Sesame Street Numbers go psychedelic once again

Sesame Street 1-20 Raga

30 May

Psychedelic numbers from Sesame Street. The most relaxing mathematics lesson ever.

(Link: Yonatan Levi. Thanks!)

Psychedelic Sesame Street ABC

15 May

Psychedelic and groovy ABC from Sesame Street.

(Link: Michal Vexler. Thanks!)

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